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JAN, 2019
LP-2515 Released

In response overwhelming success of the LP-2115 (Single Port Wall Wart PoE Midspan Injector) and to valuable feedback from Integrators and End Users LAN Power has added to it’s marketing leading portfolio of Midspan Injectors the LP-2515 Single Port Compact Brick PoE Midspan Injector. The unit has been designed in a small, compact and stylish traditional brick housing. It is IEEE compliant and provides up to 15.4 Watts of PoE power. In addition to this the unit is GIGABIT compatible. See product

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JULY, 2018
LP-2590 Released

With the recently released IEEE 802.3bt ULTRA High Power PoE Standard LAN Power is proud to announce the release of the FULLY compliant LP-2590 ULTRA High Power 90 Watt Midspan Injector. The LP-2590 contains the latest Class Detection software ensuring compatibility with all current and emerging PoE Enabled IP End Devices requiring up to 90 Watts of PoE power. THe LP-2590 is a direct replacement to the popular LP-2575. See product

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SEPT, 2016
New website launch

WE LISTEN! LAN Power launches it's NEW website based on feedback from the marketplace and it's customers. The website contains the latest information on the LAN Power 'Market Leading' range of Power over Ethernet (PoE) Midspan Injectors, valuable PoE and Ethernet Data Extenders, revolutionary PoE Splitters and cost effective IP Camera Field Focus Tool. Keep visiting the website to find more new and valuable information! Leave Feeback

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MAR, 2016
New LP-2340 / LP-2360 Released to replace LP-2330 / LP-2350

WHO SAY'S WE CAN'T IMPROVE IT? Following the lengthy success of the popular LP-2330 and LP-2350 PoE and Ethernet Data Extenders AND valuable feedback from it's customers - LAN Power successfully launches the LP-2340 and LP-2360 PoE and Ethernet Data Extenders. As a direct replacement for the LP-2330 and LP-2350 the new LP-2340 and LP-2360 are more compact, provide wider operating temperature range and more cost effective.

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FEB, 2015
New LP-2575 Released

MORE POWER!?!? LAN Power successfully releases the NEW LP-2575 Single Port 75 Watt Midspan Injector. Ahead of the IEEE Standards release of ULTRA High Power Standards specification - LAN Power brings more power to the market. The LP-2575 is IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at compliant - the LP-2575 provides up to 75 watts of PoE down a single LAN Data cable. Designed in conjunction with the LP-2334/LP-2354 5 Port PoE and Ethernet Data Extenders - it provides time and cost saving to many IP applications. Also used with the revolutionary LP-4912POE Dual Voltage Splitter which allows the capability of providing PoE and 12vdc power from the single LP-2575. Power 2 devices from a single PoE source.

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APR, 2014
New LP-IPEYEII Released

GREAT GETS BETTER! Following on from the resounding success of the LP-IPEYE LAN Power successfully releases the NEW and IMPROVED LP-IPEYEII. Redeveloped mainly from the important and critical feedback from the market - LAN Power has introduced the LP-IPEYEII IP Camera Field Focus and Set Up Tool. The upgraded tool provides engineers the capability of a 'Cost Effective' way of accurately installing, focussing and setting up IP Cameras. No need to require 2 engineers to set up IP Camera's. Additions to the new LP-IPEYEII are a more compact in design, key ring loop molded into plastic body and 2 LED visual PoE tester for both IEEE 802.3af (Standard PoE)and IEEE 802.3at (High Power PoE).

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JUL, 2013
New LP-2115 Released

PLUG IN PoE MIDSPAN INJECTOR! LAN Power releases the revolutionary and cost effective LP-2115 Single Port Wall Wart PoE Midspan Injector. Moving away from the traditional 'brick' power supply with mains lead design LAN Power has successfully launched the LP-2115 Single Port Midspan Injector which is encapsulated in a housing which plugs into AC Outlet directly. The new LP-2115 provides up to 15.4 watts of PoE power and is IEEE 802.3af compliant.

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AUG, 2012
Updated and NEW LP-2535 to replace LP-2511 and LP-2521

BUILDING ON PROVEN SUCCESS! LAN Power's proven success of it's LP-2511 and LP-2521 is unmatched and moves forward with the release of the New and Updated LP-2535 Single Port High Power/PoE Plus Midspan Injector. Utilising the stylish housing of the LP-2521 and PoE robustness of the LP-2511 the New LP-2535 delivers up to 35 Watts of PoE power - more power than it's competitors. The LP-2535 is IEEE 802.3af (Standard PoE) and IEEE 802.3at (High Power/PoE +) compliant. In addition LAN Power has released the LP-2835 which is the External IP67 (Water Resistant) version of this new unit.